who we are

Purpose: The Rome/Floyd County Community Remembrance Project seeks to: (1) cultivate a broad coalition of community partners from the Rome/Floyd County area, who together, (2) present accurate racial history of our area, especially with regard to racial violence against African-Americans, in order to (3) foster a process of Truth &Reconciliation that undercuts racial bias in our community relations today.

We will have accomplished our work when we have: (a) partnered with the Equal Justice Initiative (of Montgomery, AL) to successfully commemorated the victims of racial violence in Rome/Floyd County, GA (through soil collection, installing historical markers, and/or installing EJI's monument to victims of lynching in our county) and (b) passed on our collection of historical information and proposals for effectively undercutting the effects of racial violence in our community to groups (whether currently existing or growing out of the efforts of the project) who will maintain the materials collected and continue the work of racial justice throughout our community.

Partnership with Equal Justice Initiative (EJI)

The Rome/Floyd County Community Remembrance Project (RFCRP) intentionally supports EJI's work in public education.